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About Us

The SHA offers public employers high-quality and affordable health, prescription and dental benefits. By allowing you to join with other groups, you can achieve economies of scale to experience meaningful savings while giving you complete control of your benefits plan.


  • Save money by reducing the expenses associated with insurance premiums

  • Maintain flexibility in benefit designs

  • Reduce administrative costs by leveraging the total size of the allied groups

  • Cap the overall risk exposure

  • Establish long term cost stability

  • Can be offered with any combination of Health, Prescription or Dental coverages


The SHA’s fully trained benefit support team is available to assist with employee benefit education, communication and member claims mediation. The SHA is also a liaison with the benefit carriers and can provide all carrier correspondence, new group implementation procedures or changes. In addition, all benefit booklets and insurance contracts are viewed for details and accuracy.

At the heart of the SHA is a comprehensive benefits program with unrivaled flexibility and access to the region's top providers including Aetna, Benecard Services and Delta Dental.


Choose one service, choose any combination that fits your needs, or choose them all. The SHA is designed to give you control. 

This process is made available only to public entities and is proven to be effective. Your group may be eligible. Please call an SHA representative to learn more.


What does “shared services” mean?

The shared services model is when entities band together for economies of scale, creating an

organization of participating employers to enjoy more cost-effective health benefits management.


Who can join the SHA?

Public entities including school boards and municipalities in New Jersey are eligible.


How does the Shared Services Model work?

The Shared Services Model offers cost savings while allowing groups to maintain control. Each group pays a rate based on its entry claim costs. The monthly rate includes all aspects of program costs, simplifying the process and ensuring a consistent product.


The SHA is responsible for:

  • Selecting insurance carriers and networks

  • Vendor management and negotiations

  • Coordinating consulting and brokerage services

  • Data analysis and financial reporting

  • Employee education and service

  • Employee and dependent advocacy services

  • SHA's financial performance

  • Reviewing state and regulatory filings


What if my entity requires a specific combination of benefits?

  • Each entity maintains their own, separate level of benefits

  • Coverage is “equal to or better than”

  • The SHA offers a “long-term” value proposition for managing health insurance costs

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